Thursday, March 24, 2005

Being Young & Libertarian

'New Radicals Stand up for their Right' is yet another article discussing how many young conservatives there are these days. No longer is the University dominated by leftists. Two online examples, apart from myself, is Hannah Rose Collings and Anna Nuzum.
What happened? Well the 1980s revolution, which in New Zealand meant Roger Douglas (Finance Minister) promoting free market reforms. But it didn't just happen here, as Great Britain had Thatcher and the U.S got good old Ronald Reagan. What a great decade that was. Never the less, I don't at all think that is why there are so many young conservatives around. I think it has entirely to do with the intellectual defeat of the Left. It wasn't the political leaders who inspired me. It was the intellectauls. Ludwig von Mises, F.A Hayek, Milton Friedman and most of all Ayn Rand. Since coming across their work I have seen how many other admirable libertarian thinkers there are e.g. Robert Nozick. From there I progressed to reading more conservative & mainstream voices like David Horowitz.
One important observation I have made over the years is young conservatives tend to be libertarian in there thinking. This is great news as it means the moral conservatives are losing their strength. People are finally thinking in terms of principles thus acknowledging that social freedom is as important as economic freedom. An example is supporters of ACT worrying about John Banks as he is insufficently liberal on social matters (drugs, prostitution etc). I guess I could go along with being called 'South Park Conservatives' as they are "opposed to political correctness and more likely to ridicule than observe the guidelines of the new sensitivity concerning race, ethnicity, minorities, women, the handicapped, obesity, homosexuality, ugliness, religion, childhood, and much, much, much else". Yup thats me. Heres a clear example: my disdain for Maori culture. Ayn Rand sums it up well:
"It is primitive cultures we are asked to study, to appreciate and to respect - any sort of culture except our own. A piece of pottery copied from generation to generation is held up as an achievement - synthetic fiber is not"
"Why is Western civilisation admonished to admire primitive cultures? Because they are not admirable. Why is a primitive man exhorted to ignore Western achievements? Because they are."
This is the view not often heard. But the truth is the Maori culture has nothing to offer modern man. It is sad that I had to learn about it when I could have been studying Ancient Greece or Rome. Modern education is not in the business of preparing you to lead a good life (wealthy, good career, educated so as to enjoy the higher pleasures of life, etc). Its about indoctrinating you with a perspective on life, e.g. in this case, all cultures are worthy of respect and learning Maori will help you understand and better appreciate the culture. This is just a case of Maori culture being on a life support machine (the state). Even if they don't turn it off for 20years, its as good as dead. If it can't stand on its own feet then it obviously doesn't stand on objective grounds. So the sign is there: more young people are becoming conservative/libertarian and rejecting what they have been taught. The truth is winning.


At 10:30 PM, Blogger Brendan Jarvis said...

Hi James. You may find my blog of lighter relief from time-to-time. I will link to you. Keep up the good work.

At 12:26 AM, Blogger Jono said...

James I'm gonna say the same thing as brendan. Awesome comments and I agree completely, while sometimes I may write about topics of a lighter sense I do try to put my beliefs out there. My blog is

I'll put in a link to you and will check back to see what you have to say on a regular basis

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Hannah Rose said...

Hey James,

Just found ya Blog, Through BJ's Site,
will ad your link into mine, (even though you called me conservative) Its great to see More young Free thinking individuals

At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Michael said...

For what it's worth, James' libertarian rants in high school probably played a significant part in turning this former arch-tory into a near anarcho-capitalist!

At 7:58 PM, Blogger not apathetic said...

hey james
social; conservitaves aint that bad!!!!! maybe because im one(i think), you may find that people who see things like me are not keen on controlling society,but rather setting boundaries that give clear distinction between wrong and right, morally most of our populace are opposed to changing moral laws, (under the guise of human rights) i see the left wing loonies comprising of Gay/lesbian groups, feminists, communists, the pro euthenasia, abortion advocates, the pro UN freaks etc....i feel opposed to all the forementioned groups because they constrict freedom of the people they dont agree with and impose their policies on everyone else under the guise of tolerance and equality.
i do see eye to eye on a lot of other matters that you have posted though.
thanks james

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