Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Michael Moore

I just saw Fahrenhype 9/11 last night, a conservative documentary aimed at refuting the lies in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11. Overall I thought it did quite a bad job, considering how many lies, omissions, and misrepresentations are contained in Moores work. There is no shortage of pundits and political commentators who have debunked Moore's work. From MooreWatch, Moore lies, and Bowling for Truth to the writings of people like Christopher Hitchens. In light of this, Fahrenhype truly failed as it did not focus enough on refuting Fahrenheits many lies. Many of those who are interviewed are too busy ranting against 'liberals', especially the sexy yet rabid Ann Coulter. They also spend alot of time criticising Moore (rightly) for his refusal to take Islamic inspired terrorism seriously. This has the dangerous effect of making the documentary a Republican vs Democrat excerise. Never the less, it managed to show how radical Moore's opinions are. Radical leftists have never been at home in America, a country with an intensely religious population who politically are worlds apart from leftists like Moore. The film was best when it portrayed Moore as a lunatic who is impervious to reason. If they had spent more time focusing on Moores failure to comprehend international politics, and the significant movements in the world today (e.g. Islamism and the terrorism it inspires) they would have done an even better job of presenting what a nutcase he really is. On another note, check out these 'Blogs of War'. Who needs embedded journalists with War Blogs like those!


At 1:33 PM, Blogger horsesshouldbesoluckytoo said...

Check out PNAC project for a new american century,google it ,acronym PNAC ,84 pages aprox of a s'posed genuine veiw sined by significant persons republican.
Chilling if true,war all the time,to cycle tax dollars to war munitions manufacturers,say northrup grumman,which of course add to the profit of shareholders,who can be individuals or mutual funds etc.
The taxpayers of course must pay,Who really is an ordinary shareholder and citizen? The rich natch,but few average janes/joes.
What a way to cycle money from the revenue general taxes to the significantly wealthy?
this mwas outlined in the Pnac docs.

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