Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The United Nations

President Bush named Undersecretary of State John R. Bolton on Monday 7th March as the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Over at FrontPage Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu writes that, "You can gauge someone's quality, they say, by listening to the names his enemies call him. Since North Korea, arguably the most abhorrent regime on the planet, refers to John Bolton as 'human scum' this would necessarily validate the high opinion most of us have of him". Very true. There is plently of opposition towards Bolton yet its doubtful that he won't be confirmed by the Senate. Organizations like Stop Bolton argue that he has "remarkably consistent in his contempt for international co-operation". Obviously they do not mean this as a compliment, but I'd sure take it as one. If someone is to fix the UN, then that person has to be well acquainted with the severe problems the institution has. What are these problems? Well the obvious and undeniable ones include: U.N peacekeepers in Congo (Check out: The U.N's Heart of Darkness) have engaged in rape and accepted sex from starving children, the infamous United Nations Oil-for-Food Program which generated an estimated $21.3 billion in illegal revenue for Saddam Hussein. I think these two prominent cases illustrate how the United Nations has some serious problems and needs a real clean. They're are plently more cases (e.g. Libya chairing the Humans Rights Commission) that make my point, but I think you'd have to be intellectually dishonest not to see the obvious problems with the UN right now. If Bolton can't help repair these problems then I doubt anyone can. If that becomes the case then I guess some Objectivists were right after all - the US should leave the UN. After all, the institution is torn by the inherent clash of good (U.S, Europe etc) and evil (Arab dictatorships, Communist regimes like Cuba, NK etc). Witness how they cannot even agree on a definition of terrorist. How are they meant to agree on more serious issues, e.g. the use of military force, if they cannot even agree on who the bad guys are!
Kofi Annan provides another example of the philosophical problems behind the UN when he argues "the world needs to accept that in every society different groups may hold different views". Gee Wizz what a relevation. Has Kofi Annan ever thought that maybe one group is right and the others are wrong? In the case of Lebannon that means the democrats are right and Hezbollah are wrong. Whilst any action taken must be acknowledge the existence and power of Hezbollah (which Juan Cole argues is very real) there is no reason to accord them moral respect or tolerance. They ought to be vigiously denounced by the UN as they're beliefs clearly contradict the UN Charter. The UN will never get anywhere until it begins to stand up against the tyrannys of the world.


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